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Game News

First encounter


On a rainy day a grim, battlescarred soldier walks in the Inn where you are having an ale and walks up to you: "Listen up ye scoundrel, did ye know the horde of the Black Grail have made camp outside of town looking for fresh blood to join their ranks. You look like tough and I can see in yer eyes ye are looking for adventures." Seek em out, they ride under the command of Jex Toth. It's said he has an old relic granting unbelievable powers to those who follow the call of the Black Grail. Take this piece of parchment and say to the guard Baramortus sent you."

He gives you a small piece of weathered leather with some runes of unknown origine to you. They appear to be written in blood... You feels like you shouldn't investigate this further, on the other hand: "who and what is this horde of the black grail?" you ask yourself.

Look no further stranger for you have come to our website  

~Jex Thoth~

Guild News


Jexthoth, Sep 6, 11 10:28 AM.
‘According to some legends the Black Grail serves an
evil purpose, servant to a dark god. It is said that the
Grail is both many and one. Few approach it and live'
quote from an old cimmerian sjaman

'I have heard tales of Black Knights that are
insurmountable, far greater in power than any foolish
warrior could dream to be. I suggest that should you
see one, you should flee as fast as your steeds can carry
quote from bartholomo - tortage

'Your souls will join our dark crusade'
quote from Jex Thoth
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We are actively looking for new members, this is your chance to help build up a rp-pvp guild from scrath on the fury server in Age of Conan. Each recruit will start as a soldier and proving loyalty to the black grail can and will increase your status within the guild.
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